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This site is aimed at providing the occupants of Acacia a central repository of information relating to what is happening within their complex.It is also a valuable tool for us, the board of trustees, to get to know you better and receive constructive feedback and comments.

It bears noting that the board of trustees are not reimbursed in any way for our services and what we do is purely voluntary.

We urge all residents to please register with us so we can keep an up to date database of residents details, This information will not be used maliciously but serves merely to help us keep you informed.

Newsletters will periodically be posted on the site as well as some feedback from the trustees regarding what is in the pipeline.

Please familiarise yourself with the conduct rules, it is vitally important that everyone is aware of this so that we can reduce the amount of problems arising from the ignorance thereof.Ultimately they are compiled to better serve all residents so your help in this matter is much appreciated.

Please give us any feedback or suggestions on how we can make this site better for you, your participation in this regard can only make it better.

The Acacia Board of Trustees
13 September 2017
Acacia Website

The Acacia website is back up and running!

The Acacia website was designed by Gavin Sheehan. If there are any bugs or suggestions,please contact me